G-SEVEN Studio is creative design studio known for crafting user centric stunning websites and graphic designs to bring your products and services to wider public. What we design adds to your pride and you’ll love to brag. We are passionate about creative trends, innovative technology, beautiful work and ideas but most importantly – measurable results.

We never compromise on quality and this is clearly seen in our work – giving each client the satisfaction you deserve.

We indulge “WOW” Factor to your brand’s online presence & give chance to tell your story the way it should be told.

G-SEVEN Studio focuses on all areas of design and creativity, ranging from but not limited to – web, graphic, logo, print, advertising, branding, typography, blog, photography, marketing, social media, user experience and more.


After working and enjoying the world of design and creativity I learned many aspects of branding, products, packaging, web and more. Experience with many different clients is always memorable and I love the moment when clients jump off with joy and say we love your work, its perfect! But what goes into generating happy clients? Its our philosophy and work pattern which makes the difference.

Designs by me possess few common characteristics – Simplicity, Sophistication & Perfection. I often call it ‘SSP’ and always keep in mind while designing anything.

Simplicity – Always keep things simple. I believe to keep things minimalistic to bring out true value of the artwork.

Sophistication – My work possess more complex aesthetic value than design elements and patterns.

Perfection – Every art and each element must be perfect in nature – no less no more. Each element of the main artwork is taken care separately to compliment with other elements.

Gaurav Dhiman
Art Director & Founder
G-SEVEN Studio